Sales, Valuations and Jewellery Repairs in Harlow

Items purchased from Garnier the Jewellers bring your personal style to life, complement your favourite outfits and even enhance your features. Based in Hoddesdon, we are close to the nearby Harlow area. We specialise in sales, valuations and jewellery repairs. If you want to look through our collection of engagement rings, earn cash for gold on your unwanted items or arrange watch repairs, we invite you to visit our premises – opened in 1962.

Here, we provide some handy tips on how to get the most out of your jewellery purchases.

Earrings – If you have a long neck, don’t be afraid to wear longer, dangling earrings. These earrings look great and complement smoother, longer hair. If you are shorter in frame, small button earrings and studs usually look better. Our jewellers advise customers from Harlow and the surrounding areas on items which suit the personal style and height best.

If you already have a great pair of earrings that are broken or damaged, we perform jewellery repairs or help you to benefit from their value with our “cash for gold” service.

Rings – Engagement rings, wedding rings and costume rings have aesthetic and symbolic values, and do much more than just accessorise you. Our jewellers advise never to put two or more rings on one finger. Rings are as important as they are individual, and reflect your lifestyle and personality. Wedding and engagement rings, in particular, should matter to customers from Harlow because they symbolise one of life’s most important choices.

On the subject of engagement rings, we help those who have worn or damaged items. Engagement comes before marriage and the design of engagement rings is often more delicate than the design of weeding rings. We can refurbish your precious piece by performing jewellery repairs at our Hoddesdon premises, just 8 miles from nearby Harlow.

At Garnier the Jewellers, we’re realistic enough to know that some things don’t last forever. Wedding and engagement rings have little value for those who have moved on in life. We pay cash for gold on all items to help you salvage a little something from the difficult times.

Bracelets – Only wear bracelets on the right hand. If there are segments without a gem in the centre, wear loosely on your arm but, if reversed, don’t let the bracelet dangle. Garnier the Jewellers has a large selection of bracelets in stock at competitive prices. You’ll be hard pushed to find better deals in or around the Harlow area, or a better range of choice.

As with all other items, we pay cash for gold bracelets and perform jewellery repairs on favourite pieces that have undergone wear or damage.

Necklaces and Pendants – Try different necklaces and pendants on high-necked or low-cut dresses, and contrast the look with your personal taste to dictate how you should wear them. At Garnier the Jewellers, we have necklaces and bracelets for sale at hard-to-beat prices. Customers travel from Harlow because they always find value with Garnier.

A Word on our Additional Jewellery Services

If you have existing items that are in need of restoration or refurbishment, we perform jewellery repairs at fantastic rates. Our Harlow clientele can have repairs undertaken on necklaces and bracelets that have been sitting idle in drawers with broken clasps or missing links, or on wedding and engagement rings that have worn down with everyday use.

Bring your favourite pieces to Garnier the Jewellers and we’ll restore them back to their former glories. Our company also undertakes watch repairs and strap replacements.

If you would like to buy some of our jewellery but are short on funds, we offer “cash for gold” services to free up money from older pieces you no longer revere as much as you once did. Cash in on the value of unwanted gold and use the money to buy a new item from our classic or contemporary range. The rates we pay in cash for gold are amongst the most competitive in the Harlow area, and a good enough reason to make a personal visit soon.

For more information on “cash for gold” and jewellery repair services, call 01992 463781. We are only 20 minutes away from Harlow by car.