We Pay Top Rates on Cash for Gold in Hertford

At Garnier the Jewellers, we know that some Hertford customers use our “cash for gold” services because they fall out of love with a favourite item, or sometimes replace old pieces with the most modern contemporary styles. Others prefer not to pay for jewellery repairs on things like engagement rings, wedding rings and necklaces, especially if their situations have changed and these belongings no longer have the same kind of sentimental value.

Whenever you come to Garnier the Jewellers to capitalise on the value of your unwanted items, we promise to pay cash for gold at the best market rates. We even advise on the right time to sell pieces for those who genuinely need to get the best value from our services. Our outlet in Hoddesdon welcomes customers from all parts of the Hertfordshire area.

If you need to sell an item of jewellery to raise money for engagement rings or wedding rings, why not use your cash for gold payment to purchase a suitable piece from our jewellers? Plenty of customers from the Hertford area already have, and still feel delighted with their choices to the present day – something we’re incredibly proud to claim!

We even offer advice on choosing suitable wedding and engagement rings.

Buying Engagement Rings – Tips for Men

As experienced High Street jewellers located in Hoddesdon, we cover a large service area that reaches out to Hertford and, in some cases, we’ve helped as many as three different generations of the same family since starting out in 1962. While “cash for gold” is a more modern service and jewellery repairs tend to be periodical, Garnier the Jewellers have helped gentlemen from the Hertford area to pick engagement rings for over 50 years.

Our jewellers realise the task of buying engagement rings is a challenge and you only have one chance to get things right. We guide you through the process with the following tips:

Style – If you don’t feel confident that you know her style, ask her family or friends. If the ring is a surprise, only ask those who won’t break your secret. Take ideas from the jewellery she already wears. Does she prefer “bling” or minimalist accessories? Consider what will complement her other rings as well. Engagement rings should sit alongside her favourites.

Sizing – We recommend trying to take any ring she wears closest to her little finger without her knowing or, again, getting some advice from her family. At Garnier the Jewellers, we can resize engagement rings for our Hertford customers if the ones they like aren’t the right size. Remember that it isn’t the end of the world if you haven’t got the size right at the first time of asking. We open 6 days a week and can readjust for you at your convenience.

If you’ve found an engagement ring you like that needs to refurbishing ahead of presenting it, don’t forget that we also undertake jewellery repairs at our Hoddesdon outlet.

Diamonds – With diamond engagement rings, consider everything starting with a “C”:

  • Cut
  • Clarity
  • Colour
  • Carat

We talk our Hertford customers through the different diamond engagement rings we have in our shop and help them to pick the most suitable one. When people talk to our jewellers, they often expect diamond rings to be extortionately high in price. In reality, there are many different styles and stones to choose from with some at a surprisingly affordable cost.

Cost – On the subject of cost, how much you spend is entirely down to you. When we sell engagement rings, we work closely with customers, stay within their budget and help them to decide what would be right for them and for their wife-to-be. Garnier the Jewellers helps customers from Hertford to add the perfect sparkle to their intended’s finger!

Don’t forget that we also open from Monday through to Saturday for watch repairs and jewellery repairs, and always offer the best prices on cash for gold in Hertfordshire.

Take the short journey from Hertford to Hoddesdon and choose from one of the many engagement rings we have in stock. Call 01992 463781 for extra help and advice.