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At Garnier the Jewellers, we’re popular throughout Hertfordshire with visitors who simply adore our fantastic range of jewellery – especially our wedding and engagement rings. What many people won’t know is that our outlet in Hoddesdon also takes incredible pride in the supporting services we offer, such as jewellery repairs, watch repairs and paying cash for gold. We’re the family jewellers that everybody has come to know and trust.

Our outlet, which also welcomes customers from places like Harlow and Sawbridgeworth, deals with all types of jewellery repairs including soldering breaks in chains, setting stones, resizing rings and the refurbishment of worn or broken pieces. If needed, our jewellers in Hoddesdon also provide professional pearl and bead restringing services.

Take advantage of our free jewellery repairs estimating service before deciding on using us. All estimates are free from obligation. Our prices for repair work, much like the rates we pay on cash for gold, remain amongst the most competitive in the Hoddesdon area. Call or contact us today, and one of our skilled jewellers will gladly talk you through the assessment and repair process for wedding rings, engagement rings, bracelets, necklaces and more.

Jewellery Valuations

Like all reputable jewellers in Hoddesdon and Hertfordshire, we help our customers to value their favourite items. We do this as a part of our “cash for gold” service, or independently to allow for insurance or probate purposes. Even if you plan to sell an engagement ring, an antique watch or set of diamond earrings privately, we’ll still offer a valuation.

We base jewellery valuations in three different ways:

  • Insurance – Garnier the Jewellers base insurance valuations on the cost of replacing a piece of jewellery with a similar item, or the estimated cost of re-creating jewellery to the same standard as the original design.
  • Probate – The valuation is based on the total price an item or collection of jewellery would have come to in total had it been sold at the time of the owner’s death.
  • Private Sale – This valuation considers the condition, style and quality of items such as wedding and engagement rings, and what they might fetch in the private sector.

At Garnier, we aim to be the complete jewellers. Our approach to fairness makes our High Street outlet in Hoddesdon particularly popular with those who use our “cash for gold” service. When we pay cash for gold, we value jewellery at current market rates and offer the very best advice regarding the true value of your items. This ensures you always make the right decision to sell, or to wait until you can secure a better price in the future

We’ve traded as jewellers for over 50 years. As most of our local and loyal clientele in Hoddesdon will clarify, Garnier provides fair assessments and sells at competitive prices. Whether you are looking for engagement rings, jewellery repairs, valuations, watches, clocks or want to use our cash for gold service, we are open 6 days a week to help you.

Please visit our gallery if you would like to view some of our latest items ahead if visiting.

Call 01992 463781 or pop into our Hoddesdon outlet to discuss jewellery repairs, to buy engagement rings or to receive cash for gold on your unwanted items.