Watch Repairs in Sawbridgeworth, Hertford and Ware

Most jewellers include watch repairs in their range of services but in an era wear timepieces seem to be more disposable – often because of rapid advancements in technology – our customers sometimes forget this particular string to our bow. Based in Hoddesdon, and covering all surrounding areas including Harlow, Hertford, Potters Bar, Sawbridgeworth and Ware, Garnier the Jewellers restores damaged watches, of every kind, to an original condition.

On this page, we provide an insight into the different watch repairs we have available.

New Batteries – Often, the only thing a watch needs to perform well again is a replacement battery. Our jewellers never use inferior alkaline batteries, and prefer to fit a quality replacement with a longer lifespan for better performance. Customers in Hoddesdon, Potters Bar and Sawbridgeworth can expect us to fully reseal items after fitting new batteries to protect the inner mechanism and prevent the need for further watch repairs.

Movement Repairs – We make the most cost-effective decision on replacement, renewal or repairs for quartz watch movements. Garnier the Jewellers strips your watch and renews defective circuits and coils if required. Worn internal parts, including the train wheels, also undergo replacement and we replace mainsprings in line with the service interval for the watch manufacturer. These watch repairs preserve the integrity of high-cost timepieces.

Resealing – Regular watch repairs, battery fitting and servicing work eventually wear the seal and this leave the timepieces of our Hoddesdon, Harlow, Hertford, Potters Bar, Sawbridgeworth and Ware customers prone to dust and water damage. Some jewellers have to send watches away for resealing or simply don’t bother at all. We undertake all watch repairs at Garner the Jewellers in-house so owners leave our premises with a fully restored and sealed item.

Valeting – For many of our customers, the cosmetic side of watch repairs is just as important as the mechanical. We combine traditional valeting techniques with the benefits provided to us by modern equipment, such as ultrasonic cleaning machinery. On watches that have more than one finish, we protect separate surfaces using masking tape. We have valeting services available for gold, brushed steel, polished steel and acrylic finishes.

Dial Restorations – These are highly specialised watch repairs that very few companies in the Hoddesdon, Sawbridgeworth and Potters Bar areas provide. The watch dial comes in a range of different materials, and have features fitted such as numerals, numbers or batons. The restoration and rebuilding of the dial takes incredible skill, and the highest attention to detail, to leave restored watches and timepieces in a near-original condition.

Our full range of watch repair services includes:

  • Servicing and Repairs
  • Movement Repairs
  • Battery Replacement
  • Glass Replacement
  • Watchstrap Replacement
  • Watch Resealing
  • Watch Valeting
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning
  • Dial Restorations
  • Crown and Stem Repairs

Please contact us on 01992 463781 to discuss watch repairs with our jewellers.

For more information on watch repairs in Sawbridgeworth, Potters Bar and the surrounding areas, call 01992 463781. We offer a friendly, personal and reliable service.